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Is this a case of too many cooks or to many whisperers or both?

Given how critically important the whole contact tracing process is in the battle against COVID ( the government have beaten this drum so hard they’ve broken the skin) it is a concern that there are so many cooks stiring this pot.

This lack of cohesion is not only making it hard for businesses, especially under resourced SME’s, to manage, it is also causing massive confusion with the public.  And when the general public become confused they do NOTHING and we all know what that will lead to.

We have different arms of government giving different messages and then industry bodies putting their own interpretation on it.

It is a classic case of “Chinese Whispers”

And now the Privacy Commissioner is weighing in. Today I heard

“The hospitality sector’s being asked to keep customer contact tracing details under lock and key.

The Privacy Commissioner’s office has received concerns over how customers are asked to write their personal details on a sheet of paper – which can be viewed by anyone in the store. Privacy Commissioner John Edwards says if you’re able to walk in and find someone’s home address or mobile number that’s a breach of privacy. He says keep the information secure”

So how do you do this in your bar, cafe etc. Do you have to use a sheet per person, hide the sheet in a cupboard and pull it out for each customer etc. This will not happen!

I get how important the privacy question is given that data which is being captured but there has to be a balance.

I also heard today that some people are claiming that asking someone to fill in a form or asking if they have been unwell is a breach of their human rights. The implication being that if I refuse to allow you to enter my premises because you won’t use my contact tracing process, I am some how impinging on your rights! What about the rights of my other customer and staff to be kept safe and well?

The government needs to give a clear message which will allows businesses to know exactly what is required, so that which ever method they use, they can comply and stop having to make adhoc changes.

We have said all along that paper logs, even the governments COVID log, are a waste of time.

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