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How “Private” is your paper contact tracing sheet? IT’S NOT!

Are your customers “Private and confidential” details protected when they fill out your paper contact tracing sheet? NO THEY ARE NOT!

Last night my wife and I met some friends at a local eatery for our 1st dining out experience in 8 weeks. While I was there I bumped into someone I know.

Even though he could not see my wife and did not see her come in, he said to me-

“I see your wife is here” When I asked how he knew he said “I noticed her name, email, phone number and address on the paper contact tracing sheet”  What????!!!!!!

These private and confidential details will be on display for any dodgy bar crawler to read and take note of until the sheet is full. Also what will they do with the sheets when they are full? How will they be disposed of.

Do paper logs like this meet the NZ Privacy Rules? When we developed MyVisitorLog we had to have a formal privacy policy statement (here) Is there one for your sheet of paper?

I had signed in using a Contact Tracing application on my phone so there is no way anyone could see my details.

I don’t in any way blame the venue. They were doing what they had been told by their association and the COVID-19 website (it was their paper log!)

If you have a business which is contact tracing visitors you may want to think about this and how you are not only keeping your customers safe, but also their privacy. I am not even going to talk about the issues with shared surfaces.

Go Contactless!

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