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“God is in the details” – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

“Why the NZ Covid Tracer app may not be working for you”

I was interested to read this Stuff article. The reality is that the App is not the issue. To paraphrase Bill Clinton “It’s the process, stupid”

Put aside the fact that users are required to install an app, the long, unwieldy password etc the bigger issues’ are:


There are not enough enough people downloading the app – 405,000 (8% we need 60% of the population)


There are not enough businesses downloading their QR codes -15500 (3% we need 60%) This means there could be towns where every person has the app and there is nowhere to use it!


Businesses still need to keep their own contact tracing records, which are generally paper based and as such are inefficient. Therefore even if every person who came into a business had the app, the business has to get them also record their visit again.


The government has released a spec for Contact Tracing App developers to produce the same QR code as the government but what is the point? Yes a business will only need one QR code the the public will still need 2 apps or an app and a sheet of paper.

This entire process shows a distinct lack of design thinking. Where is the coordinated approach that we saw with the border closures, the wages subsidy, the testing etc

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