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Engagement is one of the keys to effective Visitor Management

Engagement is one of the keys to effective Visitor Management, especially when it comes to delivering and capturing important Health and Safety information.
But how do you do that when English is not your visitors first language? If they don't understand, how do they comply?
In this quick video I am excited to show a new MyVisitorlog feature which lets you deliver and/or capture your Health Safety message information (or other important information) in whatever language you choose (so long as you can type it).
As it is Maori Language Week I have tried to create an example in Te Reo (as I am not a native speaker I apologise in advance if any of my translated text is not contextually correct)
You can even make the information Graphical for visitors who would struggle with text or use embedded videos.
All with No Apps and nothing to install on the visitors phone.
To deliver a Visitor Management experience which ensures engagement email to tee up a Zoom demo.
Visitor Management is about more than just #covid and #contacttracing. It's about engaging with visitors in a way which will keep them safe.


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